Imagine standing in front of your audience, feeling absolutely at ease and enjoying their full attention. Our training programmes will guide you in presenting your authentic self effortlessly and effectively, anytime and anywhere. "The confidence to speak in any public situation transforms your ability to be yourself in all areas of your life." Doreen Hamilton, training director, Speaking Circles International

Hello, it's wonderful that you are here

Whether you´re an experienced speaker or struggling with performance anxiety, our training programs are for everyone who wants to develop their communication skills. Learn how to speak and listen with ease, authenticity and power in small or large groups. Our training programs are based on Relational Presence® the essence of the Speaking Circles® method.





Profound Change

Speaking Circles is about overcoming fear of Public Speaking, and to my mind about overcoming our fear of being in the presence of other people. I can only talk from my experience but in conversation after the Speaking Circes training, we all felt a change at a very deep personal level. 

Overcoming the fear of speaking in public

I have never attended a workshop that was so perfect in terms of facilitation, content, organisation and outcomes. Jennet Burghard and Koos Wolcken have been all over the world teaching Speaking Circles, they are very experienced, enthusiastic and empathic; it was a joy being with them.

HOW to be in Relational Presence

Yes I had studied relational presence but not really experienced it as strongly as this, this was the theory in action, and it worked and felt good. 

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