Speak naturally and powerfully in front of any audience ...

Many people who attend our Speaking Circles® programs want to be more comfortable and effective in front of groups. Perhaps you have also avoided speaking in public until now because of your performance anxiety. Or maybe you are an experienced speaker but long for more authenticity to come through and to really connect with your audience.

European Facilitator Training

The Facilitator Training is a concentrated program (4 day training and 3 month trainee period) designed to provide the skills to be a model of Relational Presence and to facilitate Speaking Circles. Although this work is "simple", facilitation is a refined and subtle art.
The training works on the level of personal transformation as well as providing the skills and tools you will need to be a masterful Facilitator.
When you are accepted into the Facilitator Certification Training (see the prerequisites), we are committed to your success. Enrollment is limited, allowing for extensive personal attention for all trainees. Upon completion of the Certification Training, you are qualified and licensed to offer Speaking Circles to the public and to receive support from Speaking Circles International and the worldwide Facilitator Community. See downloads for a flyer (pdf) and a registration form or read more on the international speaking circles website of Lee Glickstein.